Chatham Nurseries Inc. is a full service company offering local grown plant material as well as installation options.   

Please call the Nursery for details: 912-748-4160

Chatham Nurseries Inc. Warranty Information:   

A: Sod Warranty-

15- Day Limited Warranty on all sod installed or purchased. (Only if an irrigation system is present)

B: Warranty On Plants Purcahsed-

Chatham Nurseries Inc. can not control what happens to plant material once it leaves the nursery, therefore we can not warranty plants that Chatham Nurseries Inc. does not install. 

All plants sold at Chatham Nurseries Inc. meet the Entomology Act of 1937 and regulations promulgated thereunder. Plants produced at Chatham Nurseries Inc. have been produced and maintained under regualr inspection administered by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. 

C: Warranty On Plants Installed & Deer Info-

 All material installed by Chatham Nurseries Inc. is guaranteed against poor quality or negligent installation for a period of 90 days after the date of substantial completion. The guarentee does not cover negligence by owner,vandalism, damage by other contractors, damage by animals, transplanted materials, or "acts of nature".

We will be glad to help you pick out plants for your landscape that deer do not prefer, but when hungry enough deer will eat just about any plant.

D: How to make a warranty claim:

The customer has 90 days from the invoice date to make a claim to Chatham Nurseries Inc. Please review our warranty policy before sending any claims into Chatham Nurseries Inc.

All warranty claims must be made in writing to:

We warrant that all plants sold hereunder are living and healthy. Chatham Nurseries Inc. makes no other or further warranty expressed or implied.  No liability hereunder shall be asserted unless the buyer reports to us within the warranty limitations of delivery, pick-up or installation any conditions which may lead to a complaint. The liability, if any of Chatham Nurseries Inc. is the purchase price of materials sold. 

Labor cost do not qualify for a warranty and are non refundable.